How to Increase Staff Productivity using Office Refurbishment

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on March 10, 2023

All organisations want to function the best that they can. When they achieve the highest productivity and efficiency that they can, their profits are maximum. However, to do this sustainably, Organisations require their employees to be happy and satisfied with the working conditions in their offices. Higher productivity provides a much-needed competitive advantage to an organisation. 

An up-to-date working environment also improves employee morale and promotes loyalty towards the organisation, which increases employee retention rates. 

Now, the question is how to keep offices in perfect condition, as the requirement constantly update themselves. 

Office refurbishment proves to be a convincing answer. Through office refurbishment, additions are made to the workplace, and existing infrastructure is revitalised. It would mean a more satisfying workplace for the employees and more productive employees for the organisation.

Office Refurbishment Meaning

Office refurbishment is the process of renovating and updating an existing office space. It means changing the physical layout, such as floor plans, furniture, and fixtures, lighting, etc., and adding new and improved technology. 

An office refurbishment is done to improve the office’s productivity, aesthetics, and overall impact. It makes it more comfortable and appealing for employees and clients alike and strengthens the organisation’s brand image. It creates a more welcoming and comfortable environment, enhancing the overall appearance and functionality of the office.

The refurbishment of offices is a robust investment in the long run as it significantly affects productivity and efficiency.

Methods to Increase Staff Productivity using Office Refurbishment

Create a more comfortable and welcoming environment.

The most obvious way to improve office spaces is to strengthen them visually and make them more comfortable in all possible ways. For this, ergonomic furniture is used, and all other amenities and hygiene facilities should be in top order. 

It is always a good idea to introduce plants and other greenery in the office, as green spaces not only purify the air but also add positivity to the environment, boosting productivity. A positive working habitat influences employees similarly, and they are more likely to stay at the organisation. 

Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative spaces are all the buzz right now. Especially after the pandemic, corporations have been introduced to hybrid working through technology. 

Collaborative spaces are a great way to facilitate this and make working more flexible. These are essentially spaces in an office where people can work together and build on each other’s work. Such spaces allow cooperation and strengthen teamwork and communication among the workforce. 

Introducing a newer layout

You should develop better floor planning with the help of corporate interior design companies. Cubicles have become an inefficient and tedious way to work for most employees. Design companies know this fact and will let you get creative with what you can do with the space available. 

Efficient floor plans ensure a smooth flow of work and increase productivity delivered by the workforce. Modern layouts should integrate flexibility and should be highly ergonomic. It will ensure no time or space is wasted, which seems redundant, but these losses can add up over time and cause significant differences.

Integrating a Breakout Space

A breakout space is a communal area that can fit many needs. They may be quiet areas that employees can visit for some peace to refresh their minds. It can help improve focus and productivity and reduce stress levels. Other uses of breakout spaces include intermediate rooms for temporary work, small meeting rooms, etc. 

Breakout rooms are perhaps the most flexible spaces available in offices. They can be used for whatever purpose an employee needs them for. They introduce agility to the organisation as they adapt to changing needs. 

Upgrading the technology

A significant reason refurbishments are done is to replace redundant or obsolete technology that has outlived its years. While new technological advancements occur every day, offices must upgrade technologically every few years. 

Improved safety and monitoring systems, better computers, advanced verification and security systems, etc., are arenas where technology has to be upgraded. Internet connections and backup power are essential factors that must be well maintained. 

Personalising certain areas

Taking employee input before undergoing a refurbishment is an absolute must. As such, common areas or designated office areas should be designed keeping in mind the personal inputs taken from the employees that are going to be working there.

Employees know best when it comes to what their ideal workspace conditions are. They should feel like they are being heard and their vocal inputs are being considered. The results benefit in two ways- employee satisfaction and employee productivity.

Improved Lighting and Ventilation

Lots of fresh air and natural light create a positive environment. If possible and feasible, this is how office spaces should be designed. Air conditioning should also be done to maintain new office space at the most comfortable temperature for employees. 

Lighting and ventilation have direct effects on productivity, according to many studies. Silent rooms can also provide a break and refreshments to the employee. 


You could opt for these methods or steps while undergoing an office refurbishment. Refurbishment can have the maximum direct impact on productivity, as well as on employee well-being. 

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