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About Civil Construction Services.

Our civil construction services include all the interior work required, like flooring, plastering, false ceiling, and finishing. Thus, it prepares your space for interior design. We guarantee that every component of your space is ready for the project’s next phase, from demolition and masonry work to plumbing, electricity, and flooring. We take pleasure in providing high-quality labour and utilising high-quality materials to guarantee that your area is sturdy, resilient, and long-lasting.

From planning to executing Interia Civil Construction Services Includes:

Our civil construction services generally cover various tasks in creating and maintaining different structures and infrastructure.

Installation of plumbing and electrical systems, including wiring, pipes, and fixtures, requires plumbing and electrical work.
Installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems are included in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).
Install the false ceiling
The installation of drywall, flooring, painting and other finishing touches are all included in the finishing work.

Benefits of good civil construction services

Good building techniques guarantee the structure is constructed to survive and withstand the weather, decreasing the need for repairs and maintenance in the long run.
Appropriate design and construction practise reduce the likelihood of accidents, assuring the safety of employees, occupants, and the general public.
A well-designed and built structure fulfils its intended function while effectively using space and resources.
Good building procedures may provide aesthetically pleasing structures that improve their surroundings.
Building with ecologically friendly materials and practices may minimise energy use and contribute to a healthier planet.
Following building norms and regulations guarantees that the structure is safe and meets the minimal construction requirements.

About Interior Designing Services.

Our interior design services will assist you in making your place both practical and visually beautiful. We collaborate with you to develop a unique design strategy that addresses your requirements and preferences. Our interior design services include space planning, lighting design, colour and material choices, furniture selection and placement, and custom millwork design.

Importance of Civil Construction & Interior Designing
Services for a workplace

Civil construction and interior design services are essential in producing a functioning and efficient workplace. Among the many advantages of using these services are the following:
Finally, civil construction and interior design services are critical for establishing a practical and productive work environment that benefits employees and your office.

Why Should You choose Interia?

  • Professionals with extensive experience in design and construction.
  • Solutions tailored to your requirements and desires
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Detail-oriented Ness and a dedication to client satisfaction
  • Affordable pricing

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is civil work in interior design?
Civil work in interior design refers to construction or restoration work on the physical space, such as demolition, masonry, plumbing, electricity, and flooring. It is the foundation of any interior design project, setting the groundwork for aesthetic and functional elements.
What is Construction Management in interior design?
Supervising an interior design project is known as construction management, especially in the building phase. It entails organising and managing all parts of the construction process, such as scheduling, budgeting, quality control, and communication with all parties involved. Thus it ensures the project should be finished on schedule, within budget, and to the intended degree of quality. Furthermore, the purpose of construction management in interior design is to guarantee that the design concept is executed smoothly and efficiently while limiting delays, cost overruns, and other concerns that might jeopardise the project’s success.

Include plastering, tile work, pop work

Different types of ceiling


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