Architectural Design Services

By Interia, April 25, 2024

Architectural design is like the artistic and practical planning of how buildings are made and improved. It is a creative process where architects bring spaces to life by carefully thinking about how they look, how things are arranged, and how the structure works.  Architects use their skills in physics, math, and design to create buildings that not only look good but are also easy to build..

It’s a bit like architects taking a journey, making sure everything fits together. They consider the surroundings, figure out the best ideas, refine the designs, get bids for the work, create detailed plans and mood boards, and then keep an eye on things as the building is being made. So, it’s not just about making buildings; it’s about making places that are beautiful, practical, and functional.

Architectural design services encompass a range of crucial stages in bringing a construction project from concept to reality. Architects provide a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Here’s an overview of the key phases:

Project Inception: The collaborative initiation is where a client’s needs, thoughts, and project goals are shared with the architect.

Conceptual Design: The early design phase uses sketches or models to convey the proposed system and integrate essential ideas.

Schematic Design: Preliminary design sketches are crafted based on client requirements and budget, exploring various possibilities.

Detailed Design Development: An enhanced stage for a clearer project scope, determining cost projections, and executing design resolutions in greater detail.

Construction Documentation: Preparation of essential drawings and specifications crucial for obtaining permits, and bids, and guiding the construction process.

In addition to these core services, architects also offer:

Architectural Services: Comprehensive services covering design, construction documents, and construction administration. This includes feasibility studies, program design, and project management.

Pre-Design Services: Services provided before construction document creation, such as master planning and historical research, ensure a clear understanding of building requirements.

LOD (Level of Development): A scale indicating the level of detail in a Building Information Model (BIM), ranging from basic conceptual design (LOD 100) to detailed construction documentation (LOD 400).


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