Breakout Space Glossary

By Interia, April 25, 2024

Breakout space refers to areas within an office or workspace that lack a predetermined purpose. Ranging from simple tables with chairs to more complex and experiential environments, breakout spaces offer flexible and unstructured settings for various work activities.

Breakout spaces serve as quick solutions for immediate needs, allowing employees to gather for short discussions or utilize the space between meetings. 

Diversity in Breakout Spaces:

Breakout spaces do not follow a defined purpose, but the design and atmosphere can influence the type of work conducted in these areas.

The location and design of a breakout area can set the tone for the work conducted within. For example, a quiet corner may attract individuals seeking a focused environment, while an experiential area themed like a coffee house may encourage collaboration among small groups.

Creating diverse breakout spaces throughout a facility provides employees with flexible spaces that can meet their changing needs, supporting activities such as quiet work, collaboration, or space to spread out.

Importance of Unstructured Space:

Role in Agile Offices: Breakout spaces play a crucial role in agile offices, providing employees in motion with areas to catch their breath, catch up on messages, or accomplish quick tasks. Their unstructured nature allows them to be easily co-opted for various purposes.

Ambiance and Design: The right ambiance created through space design turns breakout spaces into havens for employees, offering comfort and grounding in a fast-paced schedule.

Agility and Flexibility: Unstructured workspaces, like breakout areas, contribute to the overall agility of the modern workplace. Their flexibility allows employees to seamlessly transition between different activities.

Management Perspective: Breakout spaces are considered “set it and forget it” spaces that don’t require constant management. Well-conceived breakout spaces support the workforce and optimize the broader office floor plan.

In summary, the breakout area provides evidence of how workplaces are always changing. With its thoughtful departure from tradition, it provides a comfortable and useful combination. The breakout area serves as a symbol of emancipation as organizations adjust to the evolving requirements of their workforce. It fosters creativity, teamwork, and a feeling of camaraderie among colleagues.


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