Office Fitout

By Interia, November 22, 2023

Office fit-out involves modifying and outfitting an office space for functional, aesthetic, and operational needs, including workstation arrangement, furniture, fixtures, and finishes.

To simplify, an office fit-out converts a blank or unfinished office space into a usable and practical workplace. Installation of partition walls, ceilings, floors, lighting, electrical systems, and even the incorporation of technology infrastructure are all part of this procedure. The objective is to design a workplace that supports the company’s productivity, brand identity, and culture.

There are two primary categories of Office Fit Out:

 Category A (Cat A): The basic fit-out provided by the landlord, Cat A, includes essential amenities such as ceilings, floors, plumbing, and electrical systems. This allows tenants to customise the space to their liking.

Category B (Cat B): Cat B fit-out refers to the customisation of the space to meet the tenant’s specific needs and is their responsibility. This includes office furniture, IT equipment, partitioning, and other design components that express the company’s identity and branding.

 There are various reasons why a company may need an office fit-out, such as moving to a new space, expanding or downsizing, renovating an existing office, rebranding or repositioning, or simply to improve employee happiness, productivity, and retention. A well-done office fit-out can also enhance the usefulness and attractiveness of the workspace. By making this strategic investment, the physical environment can align with the organisation’s objectives and ethos.


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